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AM and FM and Streaming, Oh MY!

  David Dawson  General Manager Catholic Community Radio

David Dawson
General Manager
Catholic Community Radio

Great news!

All of you following us on Catholic Community Radio know that many of our growth projects are in the final stages of completion. As of this writing, our two brand new towers for WQNO 690 AM are completed, connected and being tested. 

This comes after a long period of technical delays, waiting for intricate custom parts, environmental issues, weather,  alligators and water moccasins.  This means that those of you listening to 690 AM in the New Orleans area will be getting a much stronger signal. Those of you listening on the Northshore and into Southern Mississippi and those of you in the diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, as well as those of you in the Biloxi Mississippi diocese, take note! If your signal is a bit weak and “scratchy”,  it’s about to get a lot stronger and more solid.  We will also be broadcasting into areas that have not had the joy of listening to Catholic radio.

A new low power FM is in the works for Baton Rouge!  The planning and zoning commission has just granted us permission to build our tower and we will be beginning work on 105.9 FM.  This new low power FM will fill in the signal gaps that we have in the southeastern portions of East Baton Rouge Parish.

These and our ever improving online audio and video streaming projects are a result of much prayer and planning. More importantly, they are fruits of your prayer and support. Thank you for your patience and for your belief in our mission to bring Christ and his Church to those in need of His truth.  

May Our Lady wrap you in her mantle.


Quick Updates from Catholic Community Radio

Everyday we give our all to provide our listeners with the best resources to reliable Catholic media. We give 110% to keep up with the current media trends like Facebook Live, Twitter Periscope, smartphone & tablet applications. 


So, we have an app now. Have you downloaded it? It's free and we love free stuff! Our app gives you everything you need in ONE place. You can watch LIVE shows like "Wake Up!" and "The Catholic Underground". 

Did you miss a show? No worries! We have your back. We've archived our live shows. 

On our app, you can also stream 24/7 audio and donate to us, email us and so much more! It's simple!

You can download our app to your smartphone, tablet, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Roku. 


We are ALMOST done with our towers. We know you've heard it before, but everything is in God's perfect timing. It's a matter of weeks now and we are excited! 

Once the towers are up, our signal will reach all the way to the Florida Panhandle. How cool is that?! 

Thank you for your patience and your prayers! Through this process, we've learned to fully trust in God and do exactly what He tells us. 

Is the signal weak in your area? FEAR NOT! We are getting close to where it'll be crystal clear! Download our app for static free shows! We LIVE stream our morning show EVERY morning. We know  you don't want any interruptions. 

 We LIVE stream Mon-Fri at 7amCT on our Facebook page & our website. Join in for great Catholic content and fun! 

We LIVE stream Mon-Fri at 7amCT on our Facebook page & our website. Join in for great Catholic content and fun! 

Going Out Into the Streets (Literally)

I'm a person that loves my warm home on a cold, winter night. I love blankets and warm soup, just as much as the next person. As a human, I love being comfortable, but I've experienced my fair share of uncomfortable moments. Don't we all? 

I love the city I live in. New Orleans is a place full of activity, craziness, faith and eye-openers. There are things here I've never seen before that God allowed me to see, and I'm not talking about Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street. It's something different. People living here see it. Tourists see it. My son sees it. No, it's not the leftover faded Mardi Gras beads hanging from trees when you drive down St. Charles. It's the homeless man at the corner of the street, under the interstate... shaking. 

There have been more times I've stopped at a red light next to a homeless person than stood waiting more than 5 minutes in line at Popeyes. I asked my colleagues how I should approach this situation. This is one of those "uncomfortable situations" where you're stopped at the red light, just you and the homeless person, no one is around you. You look at the red light, you look at him, he looks at you, you look at the red light, he's still staring at you, you give an awkward smile, the light turns green and you jet off.  

Now when I'm in that situation, I'll wave, or crack my window and ask what they're name is after handing them something practical like a piece of fruit or a nice hot meal, but a group of friends and I decided to LITERALLY go out into the streets and be with the homeless. 

It was the first cold day in New Orleans. A group of friends and I gathered scarves, hand warmers and granola bars and went deep into the French Quarter handing them out. Many homeless were coming up to us in groups begging for scarves. Some didn't even know what hand warmers were. Others were looking at the granola bar in their hand like it was the best Christmas present ever received. 

I remember one gentlemen put his scarf on, looked in my eyes and just said thank you and gave me a hug.

I wanted to experience going out into the streets and living out my faith. I witnessed a HUMAN BEING suffering to the extreme, cold and looking for someone to just be Christ-like. I did, in my power, what I could do. 

Here is a map of where we were:

So my challenge to you is, will you go out and live your faith. Will you accept the challenge of being a Christian today? Will you acknowledge the person on the corner of the street begging for food as a human being? 

All I have to say is challenge accepted. 

The Biggest Catholic Online Giving Day

Catholic Community Radio relies solely on donations. We are Southeast Louisiana's ONLY Catholic radio station and one of the biggest in the Gulf South region. Our expenses are supported through daily and monthly donations. This year we present #igiveCatholic! 

#igiveCatholic is a 24-hour online giving day on Giving Tuesday set for Tuesday, November 29! We are participating in the Diocese of Baton Rouge & Archdiocese of New Orleans. 


Easy! It all happens from the comfort of your home through your computer screen! All donations are accepted through the giving site: and search for "Catholic Community Radio" on the leaderboards or click the "Browse Arch/Dioceses" tab on the website! It's easy, safe, secure and benefits ministries within the Church! Remember- you are EVANGELIZING! 

Our needs for our station in Baton Rouge & New Orleans are linked below along with direct links to our giving pages. 

Thank you again for supporting us through prayers! Above all, we need that first! 

Also...mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 29 and give to us through #igiveCatholic! 



Diocese of Baton Rouge giving page

Archdiocese of New Orleans giving page

Louisiana Flooding Housing Assistance: Office from the Governor

Here is a mix of housing information and repair from the office our Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards. Many of us are still in the process of requesting information from FEMA, gutting and cleaning up.

Many have requested more information to help neighbors and loved ones. 



FEMA INDIVIDUAL ASSISTANCE (FEMA cash grants to eligible individuals to help them rent temporary housing, repair or replace their home, and other needs such as: disaster-related medical/dental expenses, funeral expenses, child care, transportation, moving and storage, personal property loss;; 1-800-621-3362)

NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PROGRAM (NFIP) (flood insurance for those who had pre-existing applicable policies)



Transitional Shelter Assistance Program (FEMA direct-pay hotel rooms)

-  Louisiana Housing Corporation Help to Find House/ Apartment to Rent 



Manufactured Housing Units (larger mobile homes than old FEMA trailers)

Multi-Family Lease and Repair Program (FEMA funding to repair properties not in commerce so that eligible FEMA applicants may be placed in the rental units)

SHELTER AT HOME PROGRAM (basic emergency repairs up to $15,000 in eligible homes to create a safe space where a homeowner can live safely in their own home while rebuilding) 1-800-927-0216 OR



Homeowners can borrow up to $200,000 at as low as 1.56 % interest rate, term of up to 30 years, to repair or replace their primary residence, and up to a $40,000 loan is available for renters/homeowners to replace their contents. 



With the exception of help repairing or replacing their home, both FEMA and SBA offer the same help for renters as they do homeowners. Renters may qualify to receive assistance moving into another apartment appropriate for their family size, as well as some help with transportation, replacing some household contents, such as a bed, dresser, etc. SBA provides renters with up to $40,000 in personal property replacement loans at the same low rates as for homeowners.

D-SNAP (temporary help for low-income eligible households with buying groceries due to lost income or damages following the flooding 1-888-524-3578)

DISASTER UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE temporary monetary assistance to businesses and residents whose employment or self-employment was lost or interrupted as a result of the flooding.



Tax filing and payment relief are available to Louisiana taxpayers whose homes, principal places of business and critical tax records are in areas of the state declared federal disaster areas. The Department of Revenue also has posted to its website a list of frequently asked questions on potential tax issues related to disaster recovery.  



Hotel rooms for eligible survivors paid for by FEMA

What is this?

This is a temporary program for survivors displaced from their primary residence that allows eligible disaster survivors to select from a list of partner hotel rooms.

Who is eligible?

If you were displaced from the storm, have registered with FEMA and selected one of the locations listed below, you may be eligible for help from the TSA program:

  •  Living in a car

  •  Living in a hotel/motel

  •  Living in a mass shelter

  •  Living at your place of employment


How does it work?

When you registered with FEMA and are eligible, then FEMA will automatically call you over the next several days. This FEMA call will be a recorded message telling you that you are eligible and referring you to a website where you will find a list of hotels with available rooms. You can call the hotel where you would like to stay to arrange a room. Upon your arrival and check in, you will provide your registration number and a government ID. Rooms are directly paid through FEMA.

FEMA will contact you throughout your stay to assist you with your future housing plans. Your case will be managed on an individual basis to determine, for example, whether you have received your Individual Assistance money from FEMA and been provided available rental resources that would lead to a more permanent housing solution.


Louisiana Housing Corporation Renting a House/Condo/Apartment

What is this?

This is a website that collects all types of rental property available right now where displaced survivors can go to find a rental property available for rent immediately in your area. It is also a website where property owners who want to rent out their property should list their property. We are encouraging any property owner who has rental property available to please go to this site and list their property. We are also encouraging anyone who has property available to rent to list their property for less than the typical one-year lease, and to consider leasing for a month, or month-to-month basis, etc.

Who is eligible?

While anyone can use this website, we are urging flood survivors from the recent event to go to this website because they can find immediate housing here that will help them move out of shelters. You can use your own private funds, a Section 8 Housing voucher that you already have, or can take advantage of FEMA Individual Assistance money you receive to pay for the monthly rental of these units.

How does it work?

Go to You may select find a rental and then search by location and select the price range in which you are searching for a temporary rental unit. You may also select List a Rental and enter information about a property unit you have available for rent. 



FEMA is offering additional types of housing assistance to eligible FEMA registrants, including:

  •  Mobile homes for up to 18 months (MHUs); and

  •  Housing for up to 18 months in multifamily housing units (apartments) leased by FEMA and

    repaired or improved using FEMA financial assistance.


Manufactured Housing Units Program (MHUs)

These are manufactured homes built according to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development standards and FEMA contract requirements. These mobile homes can be made available to certain qualified applicants in certain locations, as allowed by FEMA requirements and parish or local zoning.

  • FEMA identifies and calls eligible applicants who meet certain criteria, such as being a property owner with property damages in excess of $17,000 or more, or renters whose rental home was destroyed by the event.

  • FEMA makes a follow-up call to eligible applicants that meet the criteria to find out if they are still interested in obtaining a manufactured home, if they have a zoned sited on their property, or if they are interested in the other site options that FEMA has identified.

  • Once that information has been obtained, FEMA then coordinates with the state, parish, local, and other partners to facilitate the move-in.

  • These manufactured homes range from one- to three-bedroom units and are provided based on the size of your household pre-disaster. They are maintained by FEMA on a monthly basis. FEMA may also provide manufactured homes which are built to Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards for eligible applicants and can provide ramps or platform steps to accommodate accessibility needs.

  • These manufactured homes may be placed on a private site, such as an eligible applicant’s private property, a pre-existing commercial park, or, as a last resort, on a group site approved by local officials and constructed and maintained by FEMA. In addition, the site cannot be located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).


Multi-Family Lease and Repair Program (MFLRP)

Working with state Housing Task Force partners, FEMA identifies potential buildings that, with some FEMA financial assistance, could be fairly quickly and with moderate expense, repaired to go back into commerce, so that they can be offered as temporary housing for FEMA applicants. Then FEMA makes contact with the property owner or landlord, to see if they wish to list their property, or property owners can apply.

Similar programs have worked successfully in both Vermont and Texas. FEMA typically looks to locate and lease larger-scale complexes that are able to serve a considerable number of people in a single location. Each site must have been previously used as multifamily housing and contain five or more rental units. In addition, the site must be able to be repaired within two months and cannot be located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

  • Under this program, there is no rental cost for the eligible applicant. The repair costs are funded by FEMA and the value of these repairs are deducted from the value of the lease agreement between FEMA and the property owner.

  • FEMA identifies registered applicants in need of a rental property, reviews for eligibility and then connects the eligible applicant to participating property owners.

  • Both the applicant and the property owner sign terms and conditions with FEMA. However, the applicant and the property owner enter into a standard lease agreement to which FEMA is not a party.

  • The property owner cannot subject FEMA applicants to different or additional criteria from other tenants and must comply with Fair Housing requirements. In addition, in cases where FEMA contracts directly with the property owner for repairs, the property owner must fulfill the terms of that agreement.

  • Applicants are required to maintain contact with FEMA and go through a recertification process to determine their continued eligibility. Applicants deemed ineligible for the continued assistance may be given the option to sign a standard lease with the property owner or vacate the rental unit.

  • If you are a property owner and are interested in repairing your rental property and assisting flooding survivors, please call 225-382-1464 or email FEMA at


Who is eligible?

Apply for FEMA disaster assistance at 1-800-621-FEMA to be considered for eligibility. To remain eligible to stay in a mobile home (MHU) or in an MFLRP property, applicants must demonstrate a continued housing need and show progress toward a permanent housing solution. FEMA may provide these housing options for up to 18 months following a disaster declaration. In extraordinary circumstances, the State may request an extension. 

Louisiana Flooding: How You Can Help

Looking for ways to help? We're providing links and contact information. The list is broken up by parishes. 

Government website:

Those in need of rescue:
911 is still the # to call for emergencies, but LA Gov has opened a call center if you need help: 225-342-7015

  • Ascension Parish: (225) 621-8300 option 1
  • Baker: (225) 778-0300
  • Baton Rouge: (225) 389-5000
  • Central: (225) 367-1254
  • East Baton Rouge: (225) 389-2100
  • Livingston Parish: (225) 686-3996 or (225) 686-3066
  • St. Helena Parish: (225) 222-4413 - press 0



  • Supplies for brown bag sandwich supper (bagged and go out around 3pm every day):
    • Snacks (crackers, peanut butter crackers, small bags of chips, granola bars, candy, drinks)
    • Mustard
    • Mayo 
    • Lunch meat
    • Those are bagged and go out around 3pm every day
  • Current need for shelters (that we know of)
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Toiletries
    • Feminine hygiene products
    • Baby products: milk, bottles, formula, food, diapers)
    • Twin sheets and blankets
    • New pillows
    • Animal supplies: leashes, pet food, cat litter, kennels


Facebook Pages

  • Louisiana Flood - Lost and Found: 
    • Group is for helping loved ones find their friends, family and pets
    • Procedure: post a picture (if possible) of loved one or pet that you are trying to locate, last known address or shelter, last time they've been seen or heard from, a phone number for them and a phone number for you.



Other Important/Helpful Information: 



Shelter Information (By Parish)

Acadia Parish:

  • Church Point Community Center: 104 E Darbonne Street, Church Point, LA


Ascension Parish:

  • Lamar Dixon: 9039 St. Landry Road, Gonzales, LA


East Baton Rouge Parish:

  • Medical Shelter
  • LSU Field House: LSU Campus Cypress Drive, Baton Rouge, LA
  • *****Call (225)578-6383 if you believe you are in need of a medical shelter***
  • Baton Rouge River Center: 275 S River Road, Baton Rouge, LA
  • BREC Park at Hamilton Avenue: 16200 Hamilton Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Celtic Studios: 10000 Celtics Drive, Baton Rouge, LA
  • F.G. Clark Activity Center: 801 Harding Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA


East Feliciana Parish:

Slaughter Fire Department: 3337 Church Street, Slaughter, L

  • First Baptist Church: 4200 Main St, Zachary, LA
  • First Baptist Church of Central: 9676 Sullivan Road, Baton Rouge, LA
  • Galilee Baptist Church: 1150 Greenwell Springs Road, Zachary, LA
  • Jewel Newman Community Center: 2013 Central Road, Baton Rouge, LA
  • St. John the Baptist Catholic: 4727 McHugh Road, Zachary, LA


Iberia Parish:

Cyr-Gates Community Center: 300 Parkview Drive, New Iberia, LA


Lafayette Parish:
Heymann Center: 1373 S College Road, Lafayette, LA


Livingston Parish:

  • Bethlehen Baptist: 29350 S Montpelier, Albany, LA
  • Riverside Baptist: 36890 LA 16, Denham Springs, LA
  • Live Oak Baptist: 35603 Coxe Ave, Denham Springs, LA
  • Live Oak United Methodist Church: 34890 Hwy 16, Denham Springs, LA
  • Juban Parc Junior High: 12470 Brown Road, Denham Springs, LA
  • Revival Temple: 28521 S Walker Road, Walker, LA
  • Walker Baptist Church: 10696 Florida Blvd, Walker, LA
  • Levi Milton: 31450 N Walker, Walker, LA
  • The Way Church: 9270 Cockerham Road, Denham Springs, LA
  • Southfork Elementary: 23300 Walker South Road, Denham Springs, LA
  • Watson Baptist: 35831 Cane Market Road, Denham Springs, LA
  • Christ Community Church, 26574 Juban Road: Denham Springs, LA
  • Hebron Baptist: 21063 Hwy 16, Denham Springs, LA
  • Bethel Baptist Church: 2149 Circle Drive, Livingston, LA
  • Life Church: 9010 Florida Blvd, Walker, LA
  • Shady Bower Pentecostal: 13375 Galloway Garden Lane, Walker, LA
  • Walker Baptist Church: 10696 Florida Blvd, Walker, LA
  • Satsuma Baptist: 29880 S Satsuma Road, Livingston, LA
  • Satsuma Community Center: 28975 S Satsuma Road, Livingston, LA
  • Colyell Baptist: 19525 LA 42, Livingston, LA
  • Doyle High School: 20480 Circle Drive, Livingston, LA
  • Judson Baptist: 32470 N Walker Road, Walker, LA
  • North Corbin Elementary: 32645 North Corbin Road, Walker, LA
  • North Corbin Junior High: 32725 North Corbin Road, Walker, LA


Pointe Coupee Parish:

  • Scott Civic Center: 1200 Marjor Pkwy, New Roads, LA


St. Landry Parish:

  • Opelousas Civic Center: 1638 Creswell Lane Ext, Opelousas, LA
  • Word Ministries: 1960 Laural Avenue, Eunice, LA


St. Helena Parish:

  • St. Helena High School
  • 14340 LA 37
  • Greensburg, LA


St. Tammany Parish:

  • Coquille Sports Complex: 13505 Highway 1085, Covington, LA


Tangipahoa Parish:

  • Mike Kenny Center: 601 W Coleman, Hammond, LA
  • Amite Community Center: 101 W Chestnut, Amite, LA


Vermillion Parish:

  • AA Comeaux Rec Center: 300 A.A. Comeaux Memorial Drive, Abbeville, LA


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Large crowds followed Him from Galilee and the Decapolis and Jerusalem and Judea and from beyond the Jordan.
— Matthew 4:25

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Radiothon Giveaways

Our Summer Radiothon kicks off tomorrow at 7 a.m. with WakeUp! and goes until 6 p.m. Every hour we are giving away something to our donators.

We are giving away ONE Rosary EVERY hour to ONE donor for that hour. These rosaries are blessed and are a great gift ideas for friends & family members.

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Summer Radiothon: Thursday Guests

It may be the last day of our Radiothon that day, but that fun doesn't stop there! We need your donations to continue with our programming and continue with more great guests and Radiothons! Here is the lineup for Thursday. It doesn't get any better than this. 







Deacon Dan Borne

Baton Rouge

 Baton Rougians know him as the voice of the LSU Fighting Tigers Saturday night in Tiger Stadium. He is a Deacon at St. John Vianney School in Baton Rouge.










Fr. Mitch Pacwa


 Part of EWTN and an Jesuit priest. He is fluent in 12 languages and has appeared many times on Catholic Community Radio.







Fr. Daniel Greene

New Orleans

 He is the Parochial Vicar at Blessed Trinity Parish in New Orleans.
















Fr. Patrick Carr


He is the Parochial Vicar at St. Angela Merici in Metairie.











Fr. Francis Offia


 He is the Parochial Vicar at Visitation of Our Lady Parish in Marrero.








Fr. Michael O’Conner

Bay St. Louis

He is a native of Ocean Springs, MS and attended Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. He is the pastor of Our Lady of the Gulf parish in Bat St. Louis.









Fr. Wayne Paysse


He is the pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Slidell.







Fr. Gary Copping


He is the Parochial Vicar of St. Margaret Mary Parish in Slidell.











Jimmy Seghers

New Orleans

 He is a Catholic apologist, theologian and writer. He is the voice of the daily Gospel reflections every morning on WakeUp! at 7 a.m. He is also joining us for the 5-6 Radiothon hour with Msgr. Christopher Nalty. 





Msgr. Christopher Nalty

New Orleans

 He is the pastor of Good Shepherd Parish in New Orleans. He’s also a great cook!