Operation: Summer Radiothon 2016

We need you to pick your phone and call 855-341-5199 or donate online now!

We are gearing up for our summer Radiothon. Yes, it’s that time of the year again. We come three times a year to ask for your help to keep us on air. Catholic Community Radio has changed the lives of so many people close to the faith and away from the faith. It’s transformed the hearts of even our staff members. We’ve seen God work in mysterious ways. He has truly helped us grow this apostolate.

We bring you priests around the Diocese of Baton Rouge and Archdiocese of New Orleans to help raise money. Matching games are made, dares are played, prizes are given away and the phones are ringing off the hook for three days straight. It’s fun and it’s completely and totally Catholic!

I have never seen so many Catholics enjoy answering phones in one place! I’m not kidding. It’s so much fun! Everyone is happy and smiling and doing what they’re doing for a good cause! Calling inspires people. Talking to you and thanking you for your kind generosity inspire us. Our Radiothons are a blast!

Are you excited yet? We have expanded our studios and are reaching more and more people across Southeast Louisiana, across Mississippi and through Alabama and Florida! Our signal is starting to become clear as a whistle!

So what do we need donations for? We need donations for everyday operations. Like you get paid to pay your monthly bills, we need donations to pay our electricity so you can listen to us, our water bill, rent for our buildings, transmitter bills to get the signal, our new towers in Chalmette that will provide a stronger signal, our employees (because without them, we wouldn’t be running!). The list could go on!

God truly provides. When we have experienced this first-hand that when you truly trust in the Lord and follow His call and His will for you, He will equip you with what you need to answer His call.

So on July 19, 20 and 21, pick up the phone and dial 855-341-5199 or donate online at ccradio.live!