Your Community | Your Events

The name of Catholic Community Radio has great meaning. We are Catholic radio for YOUR community. Literally, we bring you local guests from the Southeast Louisiana community along with national guests on our morning show. 

We announce YOUR events live on our morning show. We help bring people to your event. We love bringing the Catholic community together. We want to be a station you can turn to for all of your community needs and events. 

Lately, we've been growing at such a quick rate, that we have added a new feature on our website to help you get all the information about events happening in your area. 

Go to our website and click "Your Events". Here, you can see all what's happening in our community including dates, times, websites and phone numbers. You can even submit your event to our website for us to post and say on air on both of our stations. 

To submit your local event, click on the "Community" tab at our website, then click "Submit Your Event". It's quick, it's easy and it's totally and completely free!

We are here to serve your community!