The Consecrated Bring ‘Light’ To The World


By Beth Donze, Clarion Herald

Sacred Heart of Jesus Sister Emily Iyelumi (lead photo) reads from the Book of Malachi at the Feb. 9 World Day for Consecrated Life Mass at Mount Carmel Academy.

During his homily, Archbishop Gregory Aymond asked the more than 100 men and women religious in attendance to think back to those who had “presented” them to God – in the same way Simeon and Anna, the focus of the Mass’ Gospel, had presented Jesus to God in service to the Holy Family. “God used others to awaken (your) call,” the archbishop said, noting that the consecrated make “human” God’s love for his people through their selfless lives of service and visible dedication to the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in a world that craves beacons of holiness. “You are sent to bring the light of Christ to others,” especially to those who “hunger for God and the meaning of life,” the archbishop told them. Currently, there are 430 religious men and women and 131 religious-order priests serving in the Archdiocese of New Orleans.