Have An Attitude Of Gratitude When The Pity Party Starts


By Gaby Smith, NOLACatholicParenting.org

Ever feel like your world is falling apart? You’ve had the worst day at work, you pick up your child at school and realize he has a school project due in two days that you completely forgot about. On top of that, it’s cold, raining, windy and your umbrella broke in half. 

I’ve had a day just like this. I’ve stepped into my warm home and fallen down on the couch and wondered how I would have the energy to cook dinner later that evening. Once I got over my pity party, I told myself, “Wow, you have everything you need. Look how ungrateful you are now. Pick yourself back up and keep going.”

I may have had a horrible day at work, but I have a job that brings income to my household. My child’s school project is due in two days, but we have the supplies to make it in two hours. My umbrella may have broken in half, but I can always buy another one. It may be cold and rainy outside, but we have a home to keep us warm and dry. 

We have everything we need at the moment. God gives us the tools for the day so we can get through the day. Once we put our trust in him every day, we realize we can accomplish anything.

Next time you feel overwhelmed or ungrateful, stop the pity party, take a step back and look around. 

Do you have everything you need at that moment to survive? Good. 

You can do this. All right, then, you’d better get started on that school project. It’s due in two days anyway. 

Gaby Smith was born and raised in Baton Rouge, has always loved Tiger football and great food. Her work with Catholic Community Radio brought her to New Orleans, where she manages the radio station. She has family in Texas and, soon, worldwide with her brother in the military. She strives to bring Catholic content and the Gospel through the airwaves at work as an avid promoter of solid Catholic media. “God has shown me the beauty in everyday life and trials,” she says. Her favorite things to do are spending time with family, cooking and traveling. Send comments to nolacatholicparenting@clarionherald.org. Visit blogs at www.nolacatholicparenting.org.