Join The Coffee Club! Get a Travel Mug!

Please Note: This membership will automatically renew until you cancel it (or your credit card on file expires). If you have any questions, please call our office at 225-448-3754.

What is the Coffee Club?

The Catholic Community Radio Coffee Club members are the fearless corps who, by choosing to donate the cost of their morning drive-thru brew to our apostolate, make up the backbone of our operating and future development expenses.

Donate My Morning Brew? I dunno.

Actually, your morning coffee at Sixbucks probably costs more! As a member of the Coffee Club, you’re pledging only a dollar-a-day to aid our mission. That works out to $30 a month. By brewing at home and using our official tumbler, you’re saving a bit in your pocket and helping us more than you can imagine.

What Does My Daily Dollar Support?

Your dollar-a-day goes towards our broadcasting and transmission costs, which can be extensive and expensive. 9100 watts, 5000 watts, and 100 watts are the collective power at which our towers broadcast from New Orleans, Port Allen, and Baton Rouge respectively. That’s quite an electric bill! Our internet streaming bill to bring our local and national EWTN programming to each tower and to social media platforms can run in the thousands of dollars as well. When you hear music, like our acclaimed Overflow program and exclusive internet audio stream, we are required to pay licensing and broadcast fees. As you can see, as quickly as our monthly bills roll in, your sustaining support is there to make sure they’re paid on time.

So What Do I Get?

Photo of actual official dosage tumbler

You’ll get our not-quite-patented Stainless Steel Dosage Tumbler, a sure conversation starter in the break-room, a bumper sticker with our radio frequency, and an exclusive member sticker letting everyone know you’re a member of our cadre of most important backers.