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Science Embraces Humanae Vitae Symposium St. Agnes

St. Agnes, Baton Rouge is hosting a Saturday morning symposium entitled "Science Embraces Humanae Vitae" October 27.

We have Father Todd Lloyd on Pope Paul VI's Challenges to Scientists, Doctors and Nurses; 

Dr. Kim Hardey on the Evidence for the Effectiveness of Fertility Awareness Based Methods for the Regulation of Births; 

Dr. Rob Chasuk on the Evidence for the Effectiveness of a Restorative Approach to Infertility and other Women's Health Problems Using the Creighton Model FertilityCare System and NaProTechonology; and 

Dorinda Bordlee Esq on Cherishing Fertility: Restoring and Protecting the Dignity of Women and the Sanctity of Life in Women's Health Care.