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Unpacking the Virtue of Chastity - Humanae Vitae meets Theology of the Body

Contact Phone Number: (512) 431-3243


Location: Norte Dame Seminary Pastoral Center, 2901 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, LA 70118; 504-866-7426

Event Information: In February 2019, at the Lay Enrichment Series at Notre Dame Seminary features Fr. Daniel McCaffrey with Natural Family Planning Outreach of Oklahoma City will give an up-beat presentation on the virtue of chastity with a special reference to the married life as outlined in "Humanae Vitae." On the 50th Anniversary of "Humanae Vitae" and the canonization of the prophetic St. Pope Paul VI, it is time to re-read the encyclical starting with the remarkable passage in Section 17. Fr. McCaffrey's talk will also touch on Saint Pope John Paul II's illuminating commentary Theology of the Body and discuss practical solutions on how to live a chaste Christian life.